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A Bit About A Bit Of Glue & Paper

Welcome to A Bit Of Glue & Paper! 

My name is Sarah and I am a card maker and paper crafter based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I have always loved paper and stationery. For as long as I can remember I have been guilty of owning far more notebooks and writing implements than I could ever use (as I am sure at least some of you can relate to). My foray in to cards all started years ago when I made a funny birthday card for my mom with just a piece of printer paper and crayons, the kind kids make all the time. It had dinosaurs and sailboats and got a great reaction. History was made.

I enjoy scrapbooking and mixed media as well, and try to incorporate any art techniques I learn in to my card making. I am addicted to craft magazines and YouTube tutorial videos.

Halloween is my favourite time of year and this is your one stop shop for all your Halloween craft needs!

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